Alder Cone Bees

This activity was shared with me by Early Years Professional’ Karen Sullivan-King at the University of Suffolk. 

Simply wrap the wool around the cones, no need for knots or glue making this a great activity for tiny hands. Next cut the wings from a piece of stiff net, available from craft or haberdashery stores. The net will simply fix to the cones with a little push or prod from fingers or a small stick. If you are hanging your bees tie some cotton around the body. 

“The bees are an activity learned at the Norwich Steiner school parent and child group. They use an Alder cone, a simple piece of net and yellow wool. It is a transformative activity loved by all ages as with these three simple items a magical creature is created. They look very effective hung up by a window and also make a great mobile, hang them outside in the garden too. They use no glue as the natural barbs of the cone hold the net wings and wool. Activities that involve weaving are therapeutic and lower the blood pressure, it also increases fine motor skills, muscle strength and dexterity. My children have enjoyed making them since they were tots and have never been fearful of bees” – Karen Sullivan-King BA (Hons), PGCE, EYP, MA.